New Website

I think it's time to update my website to 2019 standards. Well at least to my standards. I have been using Wordpress for years on many different projects, but now I finally pulled the trigger and moved to Squarespace.

My site basically serves two purposes. First of all it is a hub for my photography and somewhat a portfolio, even I if I don’t really use it like. Secondly it is an another creative project for me. I love to tinker with websites, tech and so on, and Sqaurespace fits it perfectly. I really not need to update anything or make sure the site is compatible with all devices and browser. Still if I want to, there is possibility to insert your code and snippets and so on. So it's basically the best of both worlds.


I think this site will evolve slowly to kind of a play field for my interests and hobbies. Getting a platform which is easily adapted to host photos, videos and almost anything is a great solution and great way of future proofing. I am person who loves to try different things and I hope this site gives a way to express it.

I hope you are coming back in the future.