Hard Times

Being a amateur photographer who does this for a hobby, the time to take photographs, can sometimes be little hard to find. I work as a sales assistant, so I don’t have basic 9-5 office job. There are days when I get off at 2 pm, and then are days when I get off at 8 pm. So days in my week might be very different. I am person who doesn’t mind early wake up calls, and I have no problem on staying awake late at night. Still taking photos before my work shift, is almost impossible for me.

Not a morning photographer, at all. 

I like to wake up early. Days seem longer, which is partly true, if you are awake more hours in a day. I feel I get more done when there is less people around. I like to go to do my shopping in the morning or late at night, when there is less people around. Less hassle makes Mikko a happy man. I like to do things and wander around when other people are at work. So I don’t mind working those busy hours after 4pm, when people get off and hurry for grocery shopping and speed to pick their kids from school and so on. 

Those days I have mornings off until noon or 2pm. So there is plenty of time to do my chores in the morning. One thing it seems I cannot do in that time slot is photography. Or at least landscape or urban one. I might try new things with macro photography or play with video, but it is almost impossible for me to go out and shoot something productive. 

Planning your shoot is like not started at all. 

Yes I know that is not how it really goes. Yes planning is really important aspect of photography in many ways. If you are fashion photographer, you might have to book models, source clothing, file for permits, arrange schedules for everyone and so on. Of course situations like this wouldn’t work without good planning. 

The way I shoot landscapes or cityscapes or almost anything at all, is kind of a spur of the moment deal. Most times I might have some general direction where to point my car at, but therest is usually just driving back roads and seeing if I get lucky. To be honest most of the time I don’t, but that also is part of the fascination. What you see and find are part of the journey. 

Cherry in the autumn tree

I am not of course dependable on the income from my photography. I do it as a hobby. I might get few euros from this stock photography site and few from this other, but it gives me no pressure to take any photos. 


Not planning gives the freedom to go and take any photos basically anywhere I feel like it. It also gives me freedom to not take any if I don’t feel like it. But here also lays my problem with morning photography. Even if I wake early, I still really don’t have time to go and drive around for hours to see if can find something noteworthy to shoot. Time starts to factor in. When will my work starts and how long it will take me to get there?

So lately I have been struggling to find time to shoot anything. There has been a lot rain lately and the fact that it’s fall, makes finding nice light a real challenge. I usually get off after sunset, so that limits my options from the start.


Well they are. If you are willing to do the work, you will find subject the photograph in your neighborhood. There will be something interesting in your way to work. It’s just a frame of mind. It’s so easy to convince yourself that the light is bad, or there is no composition, or I don’t right lense for this and so on. 

I see all those in myself. And rest of the year I will try to get rid of those characteristics. You really don’t know what you get, if you don’t try.